Muhmmad Asghar Garage

  • Complete Auto Solution.
  • Passion For Excellence.

Summary Of Main Business Activities.

  • Complete auto diaognosis with ultra-modern scan tools.
  • Spare parts.
  • Vehicle accessories.
  • Automobile electrical services.
  • Automobile mechanical services.
  • Automobile consultancy.
  • Fleet Maintenance.
  • Key and ECU / ECM  Programming.
  • Blank keys.
  • Automobile tracking system.
  • Dashboard Programming.
  • Body work and Spray painting.
  • Brake and Disc polishing.
  • Automobile upholstry.
  • Alignment and tyre service under process.
  • Capacity of space: our facility can contain upto 50+ vehicles.
  • Pick and drop service.
  • Interior Detailing.
  • Leather Work.


Keeping your car cool while driving is really important, Especially in a place like dubai where the temperature  can sour upto 50 degree Celsius. Driving a car into faulty or non functional AC can lead to road rage faster than anything else. The car ac by its very nature is a safe heaven for odor and disease causing bacteria that can cause a wide range of respiratory illnesses.  


If you’ve ever parked your car  then you know how hot your car interior can get. When the heat tops out over 100 degree, the interior of your car is even hotter. The center of disease control and prevention note that when temperature outside range 80 and 100 degrees, the interior of your parked in direct sun climbs to 130 to 172 degrees! this is an unbearable temperature. 


Lathe machine is one of the oldest machine tools in the production machine. This machine is also known as the “Mother of all machines”.  Today we will study definitions parts, types, operations, specifications, advantages, disadvantages and applications of the lathe machine.


Our highly efficient staff ensure that  after every wash your car is clean, whether you choose auto or manual car wash.  Noor al sama offer an option of giving your car a more in depth manual car wash or a simple yet fast and efficient auto Car Wash. 

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